Friday, December 14, 2012

Soccer Ball Lost in Japan Tsunami Surfaces in Alaska

While roaming the beach on Alaska’s barren, largely uninhabited Middleton Island, radar station technician David Baxter noticed a soccer ball floating off the shore. But it wasn’t until he fished it out that Baxter realized how far the ball had traveled: some 3,000 miles, from its home in Japan, where a disastrous tsunami killed 19,000 people and poured the belongings of thousands of others into the ocean more than a year ago.

Although this news item originates from April this year, David Baxter recently informed me that a full documentary covering the story can now be watched here:

Unfortunately I am not able to view it from this part of the world, so for the moment I’ll have to be satisfied with the trailer:

Ahhhh… beachcombing on Middleton Island… David informed me he will keep on going for another couple of years, in the hopes of finding that one glass float...

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